CrossFit Black Diamond

HQ in Oceanside, CA. Established 2008

CrossFit Black Diamond - HQ in Oceanside, CA. Established 2008


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This new month’s Athlete of special interest for September is Dan Gross!

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Dan Gross Athlete Profile

I am a middle aged guy trying to stay fit. I have belonged to gyms. I have run 5K’s and 10K’s. I have done triathlon. I bought P90X, I have dumbbells, a pull-up bar and a kettlebell. I was doing OK with my fitness goal.

I was talking to this kid at work who is pretty fit and passionate about his crossfit training. I hesitated because, as a Physical Therapist crossfit is money in the bank… those guys are always hurt. But the kid said, “These guys are different. They are very strict and they’re all about doing things right.”

So I called Brian and he invited me in. The kid was right. Crossfit Black Diamond is different. They care about every athlete and every person. They just want to work with people who want to train. And if you’re not training, you get called out in “polite” emails.

I started training 2 days per week and eventually increased to 3 days per week. I feel that I have learned A TON, my fitness has improved significantly, and I have a lot of fun. I am doing things like handstand push ups and rope climbs that I never thought I would do. I appreciate being pushed out of my comfort zone and to my limits.

My favorite workouts: the Olympic lifts because they require full body strength and skill.
My least favorite: burpees…they’re just for punishing freshman football players.
My advice to people starting: leave your ego at the door, do what you’re told (the coaches know what they are talking about), and keep coming in.
My favorite Crossfit Black Diamond moment: every time I get to train…except on the days that burpees are in the workout

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